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DISNEY’S Welcome to the New IHateSnakes Website! As you you’ll see, is under extensive re-construction after being down for several years.  We’re currently in the process of redesigning the site to make it responsive and more modern. In the meantime, we’ll be adding several hundred pages of all-new content, including an online museum featuring more than 2,200 entries from various places including our own Collection — the world’s only one devoted exclusively to both the film Raiders of the Lost Ark and Disney’s Indiana Jones theme park attractions worldwide.  The Site’s History  IHateSnakes was originally created by the terrific collector Lon Mills to cover all things “Indiana Jones” including the films, television shows, theme park attractions, and merchandise releases for the entire franchise.  That was great, but hard to maintain (Indy’s world is, after all, a big one).  So once we acquired IHateSnakes, we decided to focus on what appeals specifically to our personal interest in the character.  Thus the Ridiculous Collection  That’s our tongue-in-cheek nickname for the abundance of Indiana Jones items that occuply the various boxes, cubbyholes, and bookshelves throughout our home.  In fact, while greatly reduced in recent years, the collection as well as this online museum covers virtually every aspect of the film Raiders of the Lost Ark as well as the Disney theme park attractions.  There are props, wardrobe, and prop reproductions, cast and crew items, promotional items, advertisements, books and magazines, original artwork, storyboards, autographs, merchandise, toys, action figures, collectibles, rare prototypes, movie and video posters, and a whole lot more.  During our journey as collectors we’ve also accumulated a great deal of information concerning the first film as well as the various theme park attractions.  Our goal is to share that information with our visitors in the near future through a number of comprehenstive, online reference guides.  That’s it for now, with more to come.  We hope you enjoy visiting IHateSnakes and that you’ll keep checking back to see how we’re doing in the future!
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