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It has always been my master plan to make, in no small part, a comprehensive resource for fans of Raiders of the Lost Ark as well as the Disney Indiana Jones attractions worldwide. One component of this has always been to complete interviews with many of the actors, artists, craftsmen, stuntmen (and women!) who helped make the first Indiana Jones film a reality. To that end, I will be posting some of the interviews I’ve conducted on, one or two at a time, then rotating them out to be replaced by new ones every few months.  Or until my publisher tells me to stop, whichever comes first.  That’s right, I’ve decided to write a book.  Those of you who know I’m a professional writer can probably guess that I’m a glutton for punishment that way.  Yes, folks I have to say it:  I really can feel the years and the mileage, especially when it comes to writing professionally. In all seriousness, over the course of doing research and completing a number of interviews with people who worked on Raiders, it occured to me that a comprehensive picture of the making of the film, told from the perspective of those who were there, doesn’t really exist.  The closest thing to it is the remarkable book, The Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark, by the late, great Derek Taylor.  But even that book is comprised of many “sound-bites” excerpted from what were obviously longer interviews. While it is true that Raiders has been discussed by the filmmakers in countless interviews and during live appearances, no one has ever compiled these verbal accounts--or conducted new interviews when needed--to paint a complete, first-hand picture of what it was like to actually be there, helping to make film history.  To that end, I am currently at work on the first book of interviews, tentatively titled, The Ultimate Adventure: Interviews with the Cast and Crew of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.  If the book is a success, and I hope it will be, I plan to start immediatley on a second book.  That one will have the working title, Fortune and Glory: Interviews with the Cast and Crew of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  Should I make it that far, I’ll likely continue with a third and then a fourth book...and who knows, maybe someday a fifth book.  That’s if all goes well in the “Indyverse.”   Wish me luck and keep checking in over the coming months!
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